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What is Included in the Student Status Page?

  1. Whizzy
    - I'm Whizzy, your friendly mascot
    - I will help you throughout your Maths-Whizz journey
  2. Your Badge
    - View your avatar and maths status
  3. Status
    - Improve your status from maths Rookie to maths Superstar
    - Achieve gems in your last 8 weeks to level up
    - You need to do at least 3 progressions per week to earn a Gem
  4. Eight-Week History
    - Track the Progressions and Gems you've earned in the last 8 weeks
    - Achieve gems in your last 8 weeks to level up
  5. Close Button
    - Click this button to return to your weekly tutoring map

What is Included in the Weekly Tutoring Map?

  1. Avatar
    - Change the look of your avatar in your Play Zone
    - The colour around your avatar badge shows your status towards becoming a Whizz Superstar
  2. Weekly Gem
    - Collect 3 pieces for your weekly Gem by completing lessons in Tutor
    - The number in the center shows your total weekly Progressions
  3. Usage Counter
    - Keep track of your weekly usage
    - You get to access the play zone after 15 minutes of Usage each session
  4. Your Credits
    - Keep track of how many credits you have earned
    - You earn credits for completing lessons on Maths-Whizz
  5. Play Zone Lock
    - Unlock the play zone when you complete your 3 Progressions
    - It stays open for the rest of the week!
    - Visit the play zone to edit your avatar, visit the shop and more
  6. Menu
    - Access topic challenges, messages and more
  7. Progressions
    - For every lesson you pass in Tutor, you will achieve 1 Progression (a lesson typically includes an exercise and a test)
    - Try to achieve at least 4 Progressions per week
  8. Your Next Exercise
    - See which lesson you will do next

What is Included in the Menu Options?

  1. Sound
    - Mute or unmute your sound
  2. Students Online
    - See how many people in the world are using Maths-Whizz right now
  3. Topic Challenge
    - View your progress in maths topics, replay exercises or challenge other students
  4. Leaderboards
    - See who has earned the most weekly credits in your buddy list, your school, and the world
  5. Messages
    - See messages and stickers from your teachers and parents
  6. Buddies
    - See your buddy list and add more buddies
  7. Log out
    - Exit Maths-Whizz using this button, so that your account remains secure
  8. Feedback
    Click or tap here to tell us what you think about Maths-Whizz and to send us your ideas
  • What is Included in Topic Challenge?

    1. Topics
      - Monitor your Progressions in different maths topics
    2. Topic Badge
      - View your progress in each topic of the maths curriculum
    3. Topic Years
      - These dots represent years in the maths curriculum
    4. Return
      - Click to return to the Weekly Tutoring Map screen

  • What is Included in Topic Challenge?

    1. Exercises
      - Replay exercises and challenge other students
    2. Your Topics
      - View the topics you are learning
      - Click or tap each one to see exercises
    3. Exercise
      - You earn a bronze, silver, or gold medal for completing an exercise
      - Replay exercises to improve your medal

  • What is Included in Topic Challenge?

    1. Challenges
      - View challenge requests and results
    2. Challenge Requests
      - See who has challenged you
    3. Challenge Results
      - See who had won/lost past challenges

What are the Leaderboards?

  1. Buddies Leaderboard
    - See which of your buddies are earning the most credits this week
  2. School Leaderboard
    - See who's earning the most credits in your school this week
  3. World Leaderboard
    - See who's earning the most credits in the world this week
  4. Add Buddy
    - Click or tap the plus button to add a buddy
    - Enter the username of the buddy you want to add

What are Messages?

  1. View Messages
    - View all your messages in one place
  2. Sticker Collection
    - View all your stickers in one place

What are Buddies?

  1. My Buddies
    - View a list of your current buddies
  2. Buddy Requests
    - Respond to any students who would like to add you as their buddy
  3. Add Buddy
    - Click or tap this button to enter the username of a buddy you'd like to add
  • What is Included in the Play Zone?

    1. Return
      - When on the main Play Zone page, click to return to the Weekly Tutoring Map screen
      - When in the shop, avatar builder, or other area of the Play Zone, click to return to the main Play Zone page
    2. Inventory
      - Store your items here
      - Click or tap the differnet buttons to see what you have bought
    3. Change Theme
      - Switch your theme by clicking here
    4. Avatar Builder
      - Click or tap this button to go to your avatar builder
      - Change your avatar's clothes and appearance

  • What is Included in the Play Zone?

    1. My Credits
      - Check how many credits you have to spend in the shop
    2. Shop Categories
      - View item you can buy in each section of the shop
      - Click or tap on an item to buy it
      - Once bought, your item will appear in the inventory
    3. Games
      - Click or tap this button to see what games you can play
      - Games are available at a cost of 45 credits per game

  • What is Included in the Play Zone?

    1. Colour Palette
      - You can change the colour of the selected item when you see the colour palette
    2. Characteristics
      - Select a characteristic and click to choose which option you’d like
      - Options are bosy, facial features, hair, accessories, and clothing
      - Click to customise colour using the colour palette

  • Maths-Whizz is a great programme that develops independence and helps us cater to the individual learning needs of our students. The data that our teachers receive is easily accessible in a detailed report and assists with further development of an effective Mathematical learning environment. Maths-Whizz is easy to integrate into the classroom and makes any program more effective.

    Russell Burt
    Principal, Pt England School

  • Maths-Whizz is by far, the best online programme that I have ever come across and I would have no hesitation about recommending it to any school. It provides each student with a personalised maths programme that enables them to work specifically at their level, have their own learning needs addressed and allows them work at their own pace. Putting together such individualised teaching and learning in any other programme would take hours and hours of planning. The tracking of students is second to none. Maths-Whizz is a fantastic teaching and learning programme that I would never be without.

    Veronica Stevens
    Deputy Principal, Wellesley College

  • Maths-Whizz has been fantastic for engaging our students, especially those with diverse learning needs, including children on the autism spectrum. They like the personalisation of the programme, the level of challenge and how fun it is. Maths-Whizz has been a hugely beneficial support for the maths learning of our students.

    Fiona White
    Deputy Principal & Teacher, Khandallah School

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